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Resource Manual Suicide Prevention Action Network of Idaho

Board & Committee Membership

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In accordance with Idaho Code 39-3134, the South Central Behavioral Health Board is made up of 22 members. The 22 members represent three groups of stakeholders including Mental Health Consumers, Providers, and Partners.


Board Members

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Executive Committee

Children's Mental Health

Debbie Thomas (Chair)

Kevin Sandau (Chair)

Eric Snarr

Alyson Christianson (Vice Chair)

Rick Huber

Renee Waite

James Brown

Hon. Mick Hodges

Don Hall








Gaps / Service Needs


Helen Edwards

Eric Snarr

Angenie McCleary

Frank Knight


Rick Huber



Education / Awareness

Access to Care

Christina Cernansky

Alyson Christianson

Don Hall

Amanda Braga

Helen Edwards

Chris Freeburne

Angenie McCleary

Renee Waite

Mindy Hoskovec


Debbie Thomas


John Inman